Quality assurance


Quality assurance


For most institutions today, demonstrating the quality of their organizations and services is essential to maintain trust. 

Certifications are of undeniable importance, reassuring both the employees and beneficiaries of these institutions.

However, implementing these certifications often requires thorough preparation, followed by regular monitoring to maintain the certifications over the long term.

To support you in your certification journey, we propose a range of tailored services to meet your specific needs and guide you in your project.


What are the main challenges faced nowadays?

Continuous changes in accounting operations

  • Continuously adapt the accounting method, policies and procedures
  • Ensure that internal controls over financial reporting and other cycles are appropriately designed and implemented
  • Prepare public entities or related entities for future audits
  • Keep abreast of the latest standards
  • Provide tailored accounting assistance at all times

A need to certify business activities

  • Certifications linked to the validation of costs in the context of public subsidies in a format of agreed-upon procedures (ISRS 4400)
  • Certifications ensuring the compliance of calculations, processes or transactions with underlying criteria (ISAE 3000)

Our service offering

Our area of public services is established to improve structural public sector organization and procedures, and support major to minor changes according to current challenges.

Providing help to clients:

Accounting operations advisory

  • Management accounting to keep on top of the chart of accounts, policies and procedures
  • Advisory through a gap analysis of internal controls
  • Readiness assessment to prepare for a future audit (audit readiness)
  • Accounting training covering new standards or specific regulations
  • On-call advisory services through a support hotline for accounting matters

Business assurance

  • Certification and assurance of financial or non-financial reporting (ISRS 4400, ISAE 3000)


Luc Brucher

Luc Brucher

Partner | Public Sector & Healthcare Leader

Luc has over 20 years of experience in audit and advisory services mainly in the commercial, industrial and public sector. Luc is part of the Deloitte’s multidisciplinary service line dedicated to com... More

Bettina Werner

Bettina Werner

Partner | Assurance and CFO Advisory

Bettina is supporting CFOs and finance functions on accounting and reporting challenges including financial close optimization, internal controls audit readiness and accounting technology implementati... More

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