Public policy, services and regulation consulting


Public policy, services and regulation consulting


Public service actors are facing an uncertain, volatile and complex world in a tense climate. To boost their resiliency and effectiveness, these administrations are increasingly seeking new policy and regulation consulting, analysis and integration.

We offer a set of customized public sector services to support our clients’ specific issues and needs, and to guide them in their public service projects.



What are the main challenges currently faced by the public sector?

Continuous evolution

  • Ever-changing public policy and legislative system
  • Updates of existing public policies
  • Creation of new public service regulations


  • Short compliance deadlines for new regulations
  • Constant flexibility and adaptation required to implement new public policies
  • Cross-platform compatibility

Our service offering

Our services for the public sector are tailored to your unique needs, from analyzing your current public policy issues to implementing new public service regulations.

They include:

  • Providing GDPR expertise
  • Assessing a new public service regulation’s impact
  • Monitoring public policy development
  • Assessing the impact and issues of a new public service regulation to business processes
  • Performing Ex-ante and ex-post evaluation
  • Providing guidance on Smart and agile regulation
  • Supporting Economic prospection and promotion efforts


Luc Brucher

Luc Brucher

Partner | Public Sector & Healthcare Leader

Luc has over 20 years of experience in audit and advisory services mainly in the commercial, industrial and public sector. Luc is part of the Deloitte’s multidisciplinary service line dedicated to com... More

Georges Wantz

Georges Wantz

Managing Director | Advisory & Consulting

Georges joined Deloitte in 2016, and currently serves as Managing Director in the Advisory and Consulting business line for the Public and Health sector. Georges has extensive experience in transforma... More

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