Commercial Real Estate Redefined


Commercial Real Estate Redefined

How the nexus of technology advancements and consumer behavior will disrupt the industry

Executive summary

Disruption is not a new phenomenon, yet it is a hot topic of discussion among executives and in every boardroom today. Many of these discussions center around the potential impact of technology on their business, and while this trend is also not new, nearly every traditional business is feeling the heat more than ever.

The convergence of multiple technologies, such as advanced cloud computing, mobile, social media, and analytics, is leading to fast-paced, big-bang disruptions in many industries. For example, this convergence is enabling high-quality Internet enabled services such as advanced payment systems, Internet of Things, and geolocation services globally. Furthermore, small and large technology companies are leading the charge by constantly experimenting with product innovation. These companies use hackathons and other approaches to innovate products and services that have the potential to obliterate existing businesses. As a result, traditional value chains are being transformed with transfer of power to the consumer. The technology advancements are increasing global interconnectedness, data ubiquity and transparency, and speed of
information access and exchange. As a result, disruption in one part of the ecosystem is rapidly spreading to the broader world.

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