Deloitte 2014 European real estate investment management survey


Deloitte 2014 European real estate investment management survey among asset managers and servicers

Forecast? Mostly sunny, with scattered clouds

Executive Summary

Changes in technology, taxation, or the market segment, and particularly regulatory developments, are forces keeping the real estate market in constant transformation. While this leads to new opportunities, it also creates road blocks for real estate players. leading to new opportunities, but also stop blocks for real estate players. Both real estate asset managers and asset servicers need to face these changes and adapt their business models accordingly.

What are the key priorities of their business today? How do they prepare their business for future growth and development? How do they deal with regulatory requirements? Deloitte sought answers and took the current temperature of pan-European asset managers and asset servicers in two distinct surveys recently conducted among major players of the industry.

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Performance magazine issue 18, September 2015

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