Digital twinning in real estate


Digital twinning in real estate

Humanizing buildings with Industry 4.0

As technology gets more pervasive, and smart buildings and precincts develop, real estate companies will (and some already do) use their smarts to anticipate both customer and technological needs. A good way to do this, and to cut time and costs, is to create a digital twin of the physical assets.

Centrally running and managing the building is just the beginning of the benefits of digital twinning. Getting real time data on how tenants are using the building gives you the capability to provide really useful and value-adding services for the tenants. With the data on maintenance requirements sourced from smart sensors located throughout the building, downtime is reduced, as are its costs. In addition, the tenant experience is enhanced.

Digital twinning optimizes operations, improves the customer experience, delivers benefits across the full lifecycle of a building, and simulates complex scenarios. It is industry 4.0, and it is strategic. It is, in fact, the next innovation stage in today’s technology-laden smart building real estate industry.

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