Future of work


Future of work

Towards the New Normal

Most believe a fully remote model is not the answer, but nor is returning to a pre-lockdown world. What is emerging is a desire for a new, hybrid way of working which balances remote working with working in the office.

Lessons learnt from COVID

The COVID pandemic and the lockdowns that followed in many countries pitched most organisations into an unplanned, working from home pilot study for almost every office-based employee. Since then Deloitte has been engaging with many leading corporates to help them think through what they have learnt from this experience and how they might want to adapt their workplace in the future.

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REflexions issue 11 - November 2020

REflexions is a bi-annual digest, dedicated to the real estate investment management professionals, which brings you the latest articles, news and market developments from Deloitte’s professionals and clients.

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