Real estate asset management


Real estate asset management

The future is digital

Current situation

Digitalisation is not new anymore. For quite some time, industries such as retail, transport and industrial manufacturing have embraced the potential of digital technology and new ways of collaboration. Those sectors have all undergone disruption to some extent. In the real estate asset management industry too, there was hype surrounding digitalisation some years ago, but attention and interest are now less than they were.

A reason for this is that many experts in digital technology did not understand the business of real estate management. Often, the concepts for digitalisation in real estate were based on ideas that worked well for industries like banking and finance, where data (e.g., in the form of indices, stock values, currency exchange rates and interest rates) is widely available and the need for real-time information was an obvious use case for data-driven technology.

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REflexions issue 11 - November 2020

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