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REflexions magazine

Bi-annual insights from Deloitte

REflexions is a bi-annual digest, dedicated to the real estate investment management professionals, which brings you the latest articles, news and market developments from Deloitte’s professionals and clients.

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REflexion Issue 11, November 2020

REflexion Issue 10, October 2019

Welcome to this tenth edition of REflexions, with its wide range of insights into trends and developments in the real estate (RE) market across the globe.

After 9 editions in the familiar shape, we present this edition for the first time in a new format, and move from an EMEA magazine to a global Deloitte Insights publication. This will not only reflect the international presence of the industry. We will be able to tackle a wider range of topics from and for all parts of the Globe, to provide you with relevant comprehensive insights into real estate.

Published in spring and autumn, each edition will revolve around 4 topic areas: market views, technology, a spotlight on a geography and a focus on a specific market segment.

‘Market views’ presents insights into the RE investment from leading figures in the industry. In this edition, we present two interviews. One is with James Seppala, Blackstone’s Head of Real Estate Europe, in which he explains the company’s proactive approach to RE investment, and the use of real-time data from across its global network in support of decision-making. He also comments on the importance of culture in shaping the company’s success in RE investment, and how challenging opportunities are given to individuals, even at relatively junior levels, to develop the business; on the implications of interest rate changes for investing in growth; and on investment in technology.

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REflexion Issue 9, April 2019

REflexion Issue 7, April 2018

Older issues

REflexion Issue 6, November 2017
Diversification is the focus driving this sixth edition of REflexions.

REflexion Issue 5, May 2017
The real estate market is about to enter an era characterized by new technologies, taxation regimes, and the recovery of economies.

REflexion Issue 4, October 2016
Change comes in many ways and forms. Sometimes we strongly drive it, sometimes we are just the audience.

REflexions Issue 3, April 2016
In this edition of REflexions, we have focused on the European markets including interviews with two major players in the real estate market.

REflexions Issue 2, October 2015
Information, insight, enlightenment, or even prosaically news, come in many ways and forms.

REflexions Issue 1, April 2015
No man ever wetted clay and then left it, as if there would be bricks by chance and fortune” – Plutarch
Nor is there success in real estate by chance and fortune, but by professionalism and diligence.

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