Transforming Real Estate operations


Transforming Real Estate operations

Leveraging high performance operating models in public sector real estate service delivery

Executive summary

Many private sector organizations have transformed their corporate real estate operating models over the last decade, and this transformation provides tremendous opportunity and “lessons learned” for public sector real estate operations around the globe. Specifically, many organizations are moving away from highly fragemented, inefficient operating models, and are turning toward center-led, high performance operating models to deliver a wide range of services for their diverse organizational real estate requirements. This article outlines the opportunity for public sector real property organizations to fully embrace digital distruption, transform their property operations and portfolios, and benefit from the learnings of the
private sector.

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REflexions issue 7 - April 2018

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Special supplement: Real Estate top priorities 2018 (poster) | 
Tax aspects, regulatory aspects, prudential framework

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