Unlocking the potential


Unlocking the potential    

Singapore's market for real estate investment trusts (S-REITS)

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation significantly. Forced into the new normal of telecommuting and e-commerce for safety and survival, businesses realize the gravity of possessing high quality and stable digital infrastructure. These S-REITs have simply assimilated that fact earlier and are leading the pack in post-pandemic recovery.

Since 1999 when it first established a regulatory framework for real estate investment trusts (REITs), Singapore has evolved rapidly into a major global market, attracting interest from owners of real estate assets and sponsors, as well as REIT investors.

What gives Singapore its name as ‘Asia’s largest global REIT platform’? One reason is the wide diversity of asset portfolios, across both international borders and asset types. Another is that the Singapore market meets the requirements of many fund managers and owners of real estate assets, to benefit from the rising value of their assets while still earning regular income from them. It is also a vibrant channel for secondary fundraising activities, to finance further expansion of portfolio assets.

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REflexions issue 11 - November 2020

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