Maximising returns - An integrated approach to serving the Real Estate industry


Maximising returns - An integrated approach to serving the Real Estate industry


Despite differing speeds of economic recovery across the globe, the markets are slowly overcoming the devastating impacts of the financial crisis with an optimistic outlook in all areas (2015 should be the sixth consecutive year of volume growth for global direct commercial real estate transactions). Since a few years, global players such as sovereign wealth funds and pension funds are increasing their allocations to real estate.
Competition in the real estate fund market is important and due to the large number of funds acting on the market, it is very difficult for managers to differentiate from competitors. As a result, whilst investments in prime assets are privileged, there is also a trend to invest in more niche assets such as healthcare, student housing, hotels, or dedicated strategies like an asset-repositioning strategy, second tier cities, etc.

Innovation, new technologies such as the Internet and the economyʼs globalisation have changed the way corporates and investment
funds operate and invest triggering an increased level of international and domestic regulations, legislation as well as increased transparency and reporting requirements. 

Success in real estate notably requires a sense for global opportunities, local market knowledge and a high degree of financial and tax expertise.

Careful consideration should therefore be given to the selection of service providers at each stage of the investment lifecycle. In a connected world, your service providers need to think globally while being locally relevant.

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How we can help

In addition to our industry practice and expertise, we maintain and strengthen our industry insight

  • Representation on industry bodies and committees
  • Industry surveys
  • Involvement in industry reviews
  • Liaison with regulators
  • Responses to public consultations

Our real estate advisors have developed indepth expertise across the full spectrum of the property industry including property companies, real estate and infrastructure funds, engineering and construction, homebuilders, developers, landowners, tenants and occupiers (corporate and public sector).

Our core Real Estate service offering encompasses audit and assurance, regulatory and compliance, specialist tax and advisory

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Lize Griffiths

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Lize is a partner within our audit department and has over 15 years of experience as an auditor, mainly in real estate (regulated and unregulated direct real estate funds and property companies), priv... More