2015 Luxembourg Mobile Technology Survey


2015 Luxembourg Mobile Technology Survey

Corporate Usage & Security

Recent mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets enable employees to work anytime, anywhere, and are powerful enough to handle most business activities and data, including e-mail, documents, contacts, and agendas.

2015 Luxembourg Mobile Technology results

Mobile devices are a good example reflecting the new information security paradigm resulting from the deperimeterization of Information Technology, when IT assets, users and data are moved outside of the traditional Information System boundaries.

Today, in Luxembourg, numerous organizations across all industries are dealing with this type of project (either as a new service, or as migration from an obsolete system), and face the new security challenges brought by mobile technologies.

In that context, Deloitte Luxembourg has recently conducted its 2015 Luxembourg Mobile Technology Survey on Corporate Usage & Security, to understand how organizations use or plan to use Mobile Technologies for their employees and what security controls they implement to ensure the usage of such technologies. This local survey, performed between June and September 2015, enabled to gather answers from a panel of Luxembourg organizations from various sector but predominantly from financial services organizations.

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