2016 European funding for cyber security activities at national and governmental level

Assistance to n/g CSIRTs/CERTs and national cyber security authorities in EU Member States

For years, Deloitte has been at the core of the European cyber security policy developments and preparatory activities, actively assisting the community of national and governmental cyber security stakeholders, the European Commission and the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA)

CEF Cyber Security program

The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Cyber Security programme allocates 12 Mio€ of funding for activities towards increasing the preparedness of n/g CERTs/CSIRTs (e.g. tools for analysis, identification and detection of cyber threats, awareness campaigns, services to local agents) and for the establishment of access points to the European-wide cyber security cooperation mechanisms (e.g. secure devices and software, interfaces, gateways).

The Deloitte Luxembourg team actively supports the national and governmental cyber security stakeholders in the EU Member States to apply for these funds and to perform the funded activities:

  • Deloitte has an intimate and unique prior knowledge and understanding of the CEF program, and in particular of the CEF cyber security topics;
  • Since years, we are a trusted and reliable professional advisor to the cyber community - an advisor that knows the needs of n/g CERTs/CSIRTs;
  • We have the knowledge, resources and capabilities to assist in writing the application for the 2016 CEF Cyber Security funds;
  • Deloitte also provides the professional services that can be used under this grant (e.g. capacity building, improvement of CSIRT/CERT own processes and infrastructures, exercises, trainings, etc.) by delivering them with both Luxembourg-based and local Deloitte cyber security experts in all EU Member States;
  • We have the knowledge, resources and capabilities necessary to assist the n/g CSIRTs/CERTs in successfully handling the administrative and project management aspects of the project grant execution, including the interaction with Deloitte Brussels, the European Commission, INEA, etc.

More details on CEF Cyber Security program have been published on 21 September 2016.

CEF Cyber Security program

Published on 21 September 2016

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