DEI: The path to a stronger, more diverse cloud community


DEI: The path to a stronger, more diverse cloud community

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In recent years, many organizations have begun diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and those efforts benefit everyone. Diversity brings different perspectives to tech, and that can only make the cloud community stronger.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion: A key component of a stronger cloud community

Diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t just words; they’re a key component of success for nearly any endeavor, cloud computing included. In this podcast, David Linthicum talks with Deloitte's Josh Walker, co-founder of Black Orlando Tech, about his efforts to bring diversity to the tech workforce. They also discuss ways companies can change their culture to hire more minorities by creating a culturally diverse, friendly workspace and ensuring that minorities feel more welcome.

Diverse organizations are always the strongest organizations.

Joshua Walker is a cloud solutions architect at Deloitte and co-founder of Black Orlando Tech. He is a cloud engineer and diversity advocate who uses humorous pop culture storytelling to train, inspire, and relate to everyday people who have an interest in technology. 

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Hiring Our Heroes—giving military vets a new opportunity

For some, transitioning from the military to the private sector can be challenging. Deloitte is participating in the Hiring Our Heroes initiative to help ease that transition. For three Deloitte employees, the experience has been invaluable.

Hiring Our Heroes—giving military vets a new opportunity

Closing the gender gap and bringing more women to cloud

There's a clear gender disparity in cloud. Men outnumber women significantly. To help close that gap, it's essential to get girls in STEM early on, focus on recruiting women, and change organizational culture to be more inclusive.

Closing the gender gap and bringing more women to cloud

Cloud, in context

Cloud is more than technology. It’s about making cloud work for your business. Our hosts, David Linthicum and Mike Kavis, deliver their unique perspectives around the technology, business, and culture of cloud to help you achieve your cloud goals. Topics range from an enterprise-level, strategic look at cloud to practical information on the people, processes, and technology that can make cloud work better for your organization.

David is a top cloud influencer and author of 13 books plus thousands of articles on cloud. Mike is the author of two books, including the recently published Accelerating Cloud Adoption, and won the 2010 AWS Global Startup Challenge. They know cloud. Listen to the Deloitte On Cloud podcast to get the information you need to achieve your possible with cloud.

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