Global Cyber Executive Briefing

This report is focused on seven key industry sectors that are prime targets for cyber-attacks. Follow-on reports will highlight the top cyber-threats in other major sectors that are also highly vulnerable. The single biggest takeaway from the stories and insights presented in this report is that breaches are inevitable.

Lessons from the front lines

Attacks can result in significant tangible costs ranging from stolen money and property to regulatory fines, legal damages, and financial compensation. But those are just the tip of the iceberg. The really significant costs are the intangibles, particularly the loss of competitive advantage, loss of customer trust, and damage to an organisation's reputation and brand. Intangibles such as these can have a major impact on an organisation's strategic market position and share price.

These are the five key questions handled in this report through the lens of a secure, vigilant, and resilient approach to cybersecurity:

  • Are we focused on the right things?
  • Do we have the right talent?
  • Are we proactive or reactive?
  • Are we incentivising openess and collaboration?
  • Are we adapting to change?
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