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AI: What it is, isn’t, and how to succeed at it

Digital Innovation & transformation

AI has the promise to transform business, but only if it's implemented correctly and used effectively–and kept as bias free as possible. So, to keep projects on track, it's critical to keep humans in control and practice good governance.

AI: It's time is now, but critical issues await effective solutions

Artificial intelligence is all the rage in nearly every sector, but many people still can’t adequately define it, especially vis-à-vis its complement, machine learning. There are also concerns about algorithm bias and failure rates with AI projects. In this episode, Mike Kavis sits down with rp2ai Research founder and CEO Kash Kompella to discuss his book, “Practical Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Playbook.” The pair discuss AI—what it is, what it isn’t, bias and ethics concerns, and how to get (and keep) AI projects on track. Kash’s take is that humans need to be constantly in the loop and that governance plays a critical role in preventing both bias and AI project failure.

Being able to identify [AI] use cases, having realistic expectations...becomes very important.Kashyap Kompella is the founder and CEO of rp2ai Research. He has 20 years of experience as a hands-on technologist, industry analyst, P&L leader, and management consultant. Kash is a thought leader on emerging tech and advises large organizations on technology strategy, implementation road maps, and vendor selection.

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