Edge, cloud, or both?


Edge, cloud, or both?

Cloud Architecture

The cloud has revolutionized IT and analytics, but it's not always the best choice when predictive analysis and action has to occur quickly and close to the event. In those cases, edge computing is sometimes the right way to go. However, companies may need both architectures long-term.

Edge or cloud? It depends on the need–and the desired solution

Join host Mike Kavis and guest Simon Crosby of Swim.ai as they discuss the difference between edge computing and cloud computing--and when it's best to use each architecture philosophy. Mike and Simon cover edge computing, serverless, stateless vs. stateful computing, and how it's sometimes not only preferable, but critical to success, to choose one model over the other. Simon also gives his perspective on how to make use of the vast amount of computing power available at the edge to solve intractable problems, and on which use cases are suitable for cloud deployment and which require edge computing instead.

What you want to do is transform noisy data into durable insights, facts, predictions, which you can store as long as you want...whether it's in the cloud or in a datacenter, but transformation into higher-level, more valuable insights is key.

Simon Crosby is the CTO of SWIM Inc. Simon brings an established record of technology industry success, most recently as co-founder and CTO of Bromium, a security technology company. At Bromium, Simon built a highly secure virtualized system to protect applications. Prior to Bromium, he was the co-founder and CTO of XenSource before its acquisition by Citrix, and later served as the CTO of the Virtualization and Management Division at Citrix. Previously, he was a principal engineer at Intel. Simon was also the founder of CPlane, a network-optimization software vendor. Simon Crosby has been a tenured faculty member at the University of Cambridge and was named one of InfoWorld’s Top 25 CTOs in 2007.

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