DevOps and the Enterprise Value Stream


DevOps and the Enterprise Value Stream


DevOps isn't just about IT; it can help transform the entire enterprise value stream. However, there are many critical skillsets that companies deploying DevOps need, and there’s a crucial human element at play in successfully leveraging DevOps for IT–and cultural–transformation.

The impact of DevOps on the enterprise value stream

Join host Mike Kavis as he sits down with guest Jayne Groll, co-founder and CEO of the DevOps Institute, to talk about DevOps--what it is and isn't–and the critical skillsets needed for success. Mike and Jayne also discuss change management, and how the human element plays a crucial role in helping companies use DevOps to transform both IT and the enterprise value stream. Finally, they engage in a lively debate about what a DevOps Engineer is–or whether they even exist.

[S]peed and quality. Those are really the two key metrics when we look at value stream mapping. How long is it taking us to deliver value and what is the quality associated with that value creation? So, it also breaks metrics down into an interesting approach that says at the end of the day, those are really the only two metrics that count, and everything else that you do and you measure has to be able to support that.

Jayne Groll is co-founder and CEO of the DevOps Institute (DOI). Jayne carries many IT credentials, including ITIL ExpertTM, Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Agile Service Manager, DevOps Foundation and is a Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE)TM . Her IT management career spans over 25 years of senior IT management roles across a wide range of industries. Jayne is very active in the DevOps, ITSM and Agile communities and is the author of the Agile Service Management Guide. She is a frequent presenter at local, national and virtual events.

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