Closing the cloud-skills gap: Build an in-house cloud learning center


Closing the cloud-skills gap: Build an in-house cloud learning center

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Cloud adoption is growing, but one obstacle organizations face is a lack of cloud skills within their IT ranks. One solution is to build a cloud learning center to give workers the skills they need to help their companies more effectively realize the potential of the cloud.

Close the cloud-skills gap: Build an in-house cloud learning center

As cloud adoption grows, many companies find that one of the biggest obstacles to fully embracing the cloud is a lack of cloud-based skill sets within their organization. At Deloitte, the solution to building cloud-based competence in its workforce was to build the Deloitte Cloud Institute, which combines technical training with applied learning. In this episode of the podcast, David Linthicum and guests, Deloitte’s Ranjit Bawa and Myke Miller, discuss the development of the Cloud Institute and how companies can build their own cloud learning centers to create a culture of learning that can close the digital skills gap and help them leverage the cloud’s ability to transform their business.

One of the biggest obstacles that people typically don't talk about: The ability to find skills within their organization to really kind of move into the cloud.Ranjit Bawa Deloitte Consulting LLP’s US Cloud leader has spent nearly two decades designing solutions for some of the world's most technology-centered enterprises.

Myke Miller is the Dean of Deloitte’s Cloud Institute, leading the delivery of an innovative, curated and collaborative learning experience, focused on key Cloud roles, to differentiate Deloitte’s workforce in the Cloud era.

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