The road to cloud success starts with a change in culture


The road to cloud success starts with a change in culture

Culture & Talent view

Increasingly, companies are realizing that their cloud migration journey is defined as much by their culture as by their technology choices. Indeed, effectively managing the seismic changes that come with cloud computing is key to enabling a successful cloud adoption strategy.

To help accelerate cloud success, effectively manage change and expectations

In the rush to cloud computing, companies often get enamored with the technology and projected benefits but fail to build a business case that articulates their needs and constraints and takes their organization’s culture into account. Thus, cloud adoption failure rates remain troubling. To help smooth their cloud journey, companies should assess their business needs, manage the systemic changes that will occur during their cloud journey, and map out a plan to construct their own, unique cloud architecture. In this episode, David Linthicum and guest Kevin L. Jackson discuss why the journey to cloud can be difficult and ways companies can change their culture to incorporate different perspectives, smooth their path, and change faster than their competitors. According to Kevin, it boils down to being open to change, having the right data, and being educated on the process of cloud adoption and migration.


Changing policies, changing methodologies, really looking at metrics and using them with your operational processes is important. Culture is key, and changing culture is hard. Humans don't like change.


Kevin L. Jackson is a renowned IT industry thought-leader and author. He is currently the CEO & Founder of GovCloud Network, a consultancy formed to assist companies in leveraging the parallel and global nature of cloud computing.

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