Confronting tomorrow's cyber threats today


Hope is not a strategy

Confronting tomorrow's cyber threats today

Digital disruption and exponential technologies are creating unprecedented business opportunities, but they also bring risks. Having a strong cyber risk management plan in place can give your organization a competitive advantage and enable it to use cyber risk to power performance.

Executive Summary

In the World Economic Forum’s The Global Risks Report 2017, cyber risk is recognized as one of the most significant sources of commercial risk, alongside the economy, the environment, and geopolitics.The risks from cyber continue to skyrocket; according to a recent report, by the year 2020 the world will need to cyberdefend 50 times more data than it does today.With new risks emerging daily, organizations must constantly devise new cyber strategies and defenses, and become more resilient as attackers figure out how to get past the cybersecurity that is currently in place.

The good news is that while digital disruption and cybersecurity present serious challenges, those challenges are not insurmountable. To protect themselves from both evolving and emerging cyber threats, organizations need to ensure they have established basic cyber capabilities that can repel today’s threats, while at the same time investing in future-proof capabilities that can protect them and enable them to effectively respond to any threats that might emerge in the future.

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