The CSSF introduces AML/CFT investment market entry forms (funds and IFMs)


The CSSF introduces AML/CFT investment market entry forms (funds and IFMs)

27 November 2019

Regulatory News Alert

On 7 November 2019, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) issued a press release announcing the set-up of two new market entry forms aimed at collecting standardized key information relating to money laundering and terrorist financing risks and the relevant mitigation measures in place from professionals supervised by the CSSF.

One form is available for the set-up of a UCITS, UCI Part II, SIF, SICAR, ELTIF, EUSEF, EUVECA or MMF (investment funds). This form will also be used when requesting approval of an additional sub-fund to provide sub-fund related information and to update any information previously submitted.

The other form is addressed to investment fund managers (IFMs) and it will be used for the submission of an application for the set-up of an authorized or registered IFM, for requesting approval of an additional license, a license extension, or a change in the shareholder structure of the IFM.

However, the two market entry forms are not exclusively conceived to gather AML/CFT-related information from CSSF-supervised professionals. In fact, they will also serve to address information regarding:




 Shareholder(s) and BO(s)



 Portfolio manager 

 Portfolio manager

 Investment advisor

 Investment advisor


 Business model

 Investors’ delivery channels

 AML/CFT procedures


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