Culture change, not tech, is the secret to DevOps success


Culture change, not tech, is the secret to DevOps success


Doing DevOps right involves more than technology. It requires changing the organizational culture to build a joint-responsibility model based on outcomes and value. How companies implement that culture change will be critical in determining DevOps success.

Getting DevOps right: Building a culture based on value and outcomes

Everyone wants to do DevOps and SRE, but often companies hear the buzzwords and start down the path to implementation before they understand what they’re doing and how to do it right. In this episode, Mike Kavis and guest, Truist Bank’s Sanjeev Sharma—author of The DevOps Adoption Playbook—discuss how to implement DevOps and build reliability and resiliency into both infrastructure and architecture. Hint: It’s not solely about the tech. Instead, it’s about process, platforms and environment, and—most importantly—culture. It’s about building a culture of joint responsibility based on value and outcomes. In fact, Sanjeev’s opinion is that changing the organization’s culture—as well as how you go about it—is a critical key to DevOps success.

Disclaimer: As referenced in this podcast, “Amazon” refers to AWS (Amazon Web Services) and “Google” refers to GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

The biggest challenge to overcome when you're adopting DevOps is cultural inertia.Sanjeev is the head of platform engineering for Truist. He is responsible for building and operating integrated pipelines for the software delivery lifecycle and for environment provisioning and orchestration automation, across all technology platforms, including heritage systems, containers, and public and private cloud.

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