Cyber Threat Intelligence

Move to an intelligence-driven cybersecurity model

The business and technology innovations that organisations are adopting in their quest for growth, innovation and cost optimisation are resulting in increased levels of cyber risks.

Executive Summary

The business and technology innovations have likely introduced new vulnerabilities and complexities into the technology ecosystem. For example, the continued adoption of Web, mobile, cloud and social media technologies has undoubtedly increased opportunities for attackers. Similarly, the waves of outsourcing, offshoring and third party contracting driven by a desire to cut costs may have further diluted institutional control over IT systems and access points. These trends have resulted in the development of an increasingly boundary-less ecosystem within which organisations operate, and thus a much broader ‘attack surface’ for the threat actors to exploit.

Threat actors are increasingly deploying a wider array of attack methods to keep one-step ahead. For example, criminal gangs and nation states are combining infiltration techniques in their campaigns, increasingly leveraging malicious insiders. As reported in a Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) survey of global financial services executives, many financial services companies are struggling to achieve the level of cyber risk maturity required to counter the evolving threats. Although 75% of global financial services firms believed that their information security programme maturity is at level three or higher, only 40 percent of the respondents were very confident that their organisation’s information assets were protected from an external attack. These figures apply to the larger, relatively sophisticated financial services companies. For mid-tier and small firms, the situation may be much worse, especially because resources are typically scarcer and attackers may see them as easier targets. In a similar vein, the Snowden incident has probably increased awareness of insider threats as well. 

Inside magazine issue 6, October 2014

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Inside magazine issue 6
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