Data protection within the Digital Economy


Data protection within the Digital Economy

Forthcoming EU general data protection regulation

Executive Summary

In 2012, the European Commission proposed a comprehensive reform of data protection rules in the EU, which are currently based on the EU Privacy Directive 95/46/EC.

Now, the EU is in the final negotiation phase of the reform. The completion of this reform is a policy priority for 2015. The objectives of this new set of rules are to give citizens more control over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for businesses in EU. The data protection reform is a key enabler of the Digital Single Market, which the Commission has prioritized. The reform will allow European citizens and businesses to fully benefit from the Digital Economy.

As a result of the digital market evolution, personal data is increasingly collected and exchanged. But what happens to this data? Could it fall into the wrong hands? What rights do citizens have regarding their personal data? These questions are raised more often especially in the context of the current trends in data breaches and data leakage cases involving personal data. Despite the significant negative consequences associated with them, such incidents have unfortunately only increased in recent years.

In this context, a EU unified legislation on data protection, the proposed General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for replacing the current patchwork of rules on the protection of personal data in the EU (harmonized by the EU Privacy Directive 95/46/EC), has become crucial for ensuring that the fundamental rights of citizens regarding their personal data are protected while sustaining the development of the Digital Economy.

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