Deloitte’s 10 tips for better cyber security

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7 February 2014

Addressing the increasing threat of cyber-attacks, several international Deloitte cyber experts have analysed the current situation in the market and presented 10 key recommendations. The main aim of the 10 steps is to ensure that sufficient procedures are in place to react to cyber-attacks, from technical, business and organisational standpoints to frequently testing the ability of the systems to detect intrusions and withstand an attack. 

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The 10 recommendations for combatting unauthorised access to corporate networks and data range from the basic to the advanced:

  • Focus on what matters 
  • Get real about risk 
  • Know your friends 
  • Become a detective
  • Draw up emergency plans 
  • Crash your own gates 
  • Protect what is vulnerable 
  • Get smart
  • Jealously guard your reputation
  • Foster cyber awareness

According to Roland Bastin, partner at Deloitte Luxembourg: “Cyber security no longer exclusively addresses CIOs and IT departments. The threat has become so pervasive, the points of illegal entry so numerous and the implications of a breach so serious that every member of the organisation has a stake and a role in protecting the company from cyber-attacks.”

Prior to drawing up the list, Deloitte was named a global leader in cyber security consulting in the Cyber Security Consulting 2013 report released by Kennedy Consulting Research and Advisory, a leading analyst firm.

It is not the first time that Deloitte’s risk services are rewarded for their expertise in cyber security. In recent months, many analysts have praised the governance, risk and compliance services of the company in the fields of risk management consulting, security consulting; information security consulting, and more. What the Kennedy report emphasises is the effectiveness of the integrated, full-spectrum approach chosen by the company, which led to the most comprehensive set of capabilities on the cyber security market.

“Deloitte brings a strong value proposition to cyber security consulting by melding its industry expertise, its ‘one approach, one model,’ cyber security-specific investments, and C-suite communication capabilities” the Kennedy report notes.

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