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Reimagining what cloud can do for your business with real-world insights and opinions on cloud computing.

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Cloud Architecture

Beyond cloud-native: When portability is paramount

As companies increasingly adopt multicloud strategies, application portability can be critical. For many, that requires a new development approach.

Unbundling the cloud with the intelligent edge

How edge computing, AI, and advanced connectivity are enabling enterprises to more quickly act on data and become more responsive to a fast-moving world.

Building boundaryless cloud edge solutions

With edge computing pioneer Mahadev Satyanarayanan

Transforming the tax function with cloud

A life event for tax with the potential for long-term benefits

Why hardware matters for the cloud?

Hardware considerations are often overlooked when deploying a public, private, hybrid, or multicloud strategy. Is this a missed opportunity for your organization?

Accelerate your possible with source code analytics

How can your organization quickly assess the cloud-readiness of legacy applications and make a decision on cost-to-benefit for migration?

Three emerging multicloud leading practices you can use today

The movement to multicloud now seems inevitable. However, few enterprise IT shops are prepared to deal with multicloud’s changing requirements.

Source-code analytics: A faster path to the cloud

Companies may be able to gain a tremendous advantage in their cloud migration initiatives by using automated source-code analytics to identify and remediate issues in application code.

Building internal cloud platforms: Balancing control vs. usability

Becoming an internal cloud provider makes sense, but only if you can strike a balance between controls and usability.

Cloud complexity compounds with a new paradigm for remote work infrastructure

While cloud is the solution many organizations are pursuing to address their remote work infrastructure needs, the journey to the cloud is not always an easy one. There is a certain level of complexity that goes with cloud migration.

Building a cloud-enabled work infrastructure

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the economy, no doubt, but it has provided opportunities for companies to modernize their business infrastructure (in some cases just to survive), and therefore, accelerate their cloud adoption.

IT architecture in the cloud age: An evolution

In the past, architects were burdened with all-consuming tasks but lacked the power to enact meaningful change. What’s different with cloud?

Diagnosing cloud complexity: Recognize the symptoms in your organization

Cloud promised to lower costs and increase agility. But is the growing complexity of multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and legacy systems holding you back?

The cloud and the perfectly scalable enterprise

How do traditional companies deal with competitors they may not even see coming? They become perfectly scalable.

Refactoring applications for containers and microservices

Truth-be-told, security is all or nothing. Either you have all of the doors locked, or they might as well be unlocked. Cloud security is only as strong as the weakest link.

Tackle cloud complexity

Returning to positive ROI by taking a proactive approach to complexity management.

Is your cloud architecture too complex?

We’re living in a world of “hardware hoarders,” where nothing gets pushed out the door even though the core applications have migrated. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Cloud native computing: The future of cloud

Deloitte is proud to announce that we’re becoming a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). This will allow our clients to now have access to some of the most revolutionary cloud native developments, helping them get to the future faster.

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Cloud Migration & Operation

Processes make the cloud go round

Rethinking and redesigning legacy processes for cloud success

How much is cloud complexity costing you?

There is a lot of research indicating how the use of multicloud architectures within enterprises is growing. Indeed, a lot of companies are already multicloud, and this architecture is becoming a deliberate choice.

Maximizing value from cloud investments

Optimizing tech spend with effective cloud migration strategies, cloud spend optimization, and ongoing cloud spend governance.

Executing migrations to AWS Outposts with ATAMotion

AWS Outposts allows enterprise customers to fully realize the capabilities of the AWS cloud in their own data centers, offering a true hybrid deployment.

Broadcasting in the cloud

Transforming content delivery and customer connections.


The future of virtually every business hinges on the interplay between technology and talent.

Treat your data center migration as if it were the first one ever

Key lessons from a recent large-scale migration may help your organization manage its own migration more effectively and efficiently.

Three things that could destroy your cloud migration project

What, things go wrong? You bet they do! Considering that cloud migration is such a young science, there are surely many mistakes that people can learn from.

Cloud and AI innovation in operations

Can AI-enabled processes and a product-centric model help Ops keep pace with transformation?

Thin IT: The emerging technology operating model

As technology plays an increasingly prominent role in customer-facing offerings, and new tools and models make technology more accessible, tomorrow’s IT organization will look very different from today’s.

Six cloud migration questions for CFOs

While cloud-based technology has compelling advantages, CFOs want more insight into how to get the most value from it.

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Cloud Risk & Security

Cloud misconfiguration

An essential security issue for the cloud cyber agenda

Differentiating your cloud migration with a cyber-forward cloud strategy

Businesses have seen increased pressure from customers and their workforces to be more agile, responsive, and personalized with the experiences they provide.

Is cloud complexity your biggest security threat?

When your IT department is overwhelmed by cloud complexity, hackers can exploit vulnerabilities and find a way in. Organizations need to manage cloud complexity in order to mitigate potential security threats.

Cloud security requires a second opinion

Cloud security is like any other type of security. The higher the degree of effort you put into the planning and technology selection, the better your security will be. This holds true for any platform, including cloud computing.

Dealing with international cloud security

Let’s face it, for most global companies, more than half of the computing systems reside outside of the continental United States. As organizations move into cloud computing, the same is true.

Using cloud in the GDPR era

For many organizations, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation requires a new level of data governance. Cloud storage can make that trickier.

Cloud security leading practices and technologies

Leading practices are still emerging around the use of identity-based security with cloud computing.

Are disaster recovery and cloud redundant?

Many consider disaster recovery (DR) and cloud computing as redundant investments. Indeed, enterprises are often told by some providers that DR is built into the cloud infrastructure, and that the cloud provides all you need to keep your data safe. Based on what I’ve seen, this turns out not to be entirely true.

Customer data privacy vs. cloud legislation

How can organizations retain control of their data in the cloud so that legal requests are sent to their organization, rather than to the cloud vendor?

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Culture & Talent view

People and process in cloud

You made a move to the cloud because it brings the power to transform the way you do business.

Technology for social impact

Three cloud use cases for social good

Balancing safety with privacy

A cloud-native solution for employee health monitoring and contact tracing

It’s (mostly) not the tech, it’s the people

People are the most important part of your cloud journey. Getting the right combination of people and teams is critical to success.

Put people first, and the rest will follow: Tips for building a highly effective engineering team

As companies embark on ambitious cloud-native transformations, leveraging bleeding-edge technologies that push products and engineers alike to their limits, it’s key to focus on building highly effective engineering teams.

Resiliency issues? Cloud and culture can help solve them

The current pandemic has disrupted almost every facet of operations for many organizations. It has changed the way they think about, organize, and carry out their business, and it has required them to become more resilient than ever.

Federated security for the future of work, workforce, and workplace

COVID-19 has created tectonic shifts in how and where we work. The ratio of full-time employees working remotely versus from the physical workplace has almost flipped in a matter of a few months—from merely 3 percent of employees working from home in January to more than 80 percent in May.

Is the future of work remote?

Developing a successful virtual engagement framework

Dealing with the cloud computing skills gap

So, you’re moving to cloud? A critical success factor is to have staff with the skills required to maintain cloud-based systems. Most enterprises moving to cloud don’t have those people on staff, people with skills adequate enough to make things work.

The cloud is changing IT skills

IT professionals have good reason to be optimistic about finding riches in the cloud. Explore the IT skill set areas supporting cloud strategies that are in demand.

Focus more on being agile than doing agile

A framework is only as good as the people, processes, and organizational structures that use it.

The two T’s of cloud security: Talent and technology

There’s no single solution to the challenges of cloud security. But focusing on Talent and Technology can help get you where you need to be.

Speed, governance: Yin and Yang of the Cloud world

Operating effectively in the hybrid world means making the most of the cloud’s speed and flexibility while ensuring adequate governance is in place.

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DevOps in a distributed world and new ways of working

This blog post is the latest in a four-part series on our thinking about the future of a cloud-enabled work infrastructure and how COVID-19 has been an accelerator for organizations planning to scale up their cloud infrastructure.

Cargill, Commonwell set sights on NoOps

When IT operations can be automated and abstracted from underlying infrastructure, there’s a world of opportunity to deliver new business value.

From Serverless to NoOps: IT’s automation agenda

The hyperautomation of cloud computing has created the promise of a NoOps environment where software and software-defined hardware are provisioned dynamically, setting IT talent free to pursue higher-value work.

CloudOps is different than traditional ITOps

CloudOps, as the name suggests, refers to cloud operations. It’s a combination of network, security, performance, device management, and help desk tasks. Basically, it covers all things needed to run a set of cloud-based business applications, ongoing.

DevOps and Cloud, no longer optional

It’s not enough to build both a DevOps organization transformation and public cloud solution. You need to do the harder work of making them work and play well together.

DevOps and the next bottleneck: Architecture

When the focus is focus on outcomes and business value, what’s next on the DevOps journey?

DevOps, NoOps: Power tools for the software era

Cloud promised to lower costs and increase agility. But is the growing complexity of multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and legacy systems holding you back?

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Digital Innovation & Transformation

Building trust (and results) with customer-centric capabilities and cloud-enabled insights

The need to effectively and meaningfully connect with customers through digital channels has never been greater.

Cloud innovation: Becoming an experience innovator

According to Deloitte’s 2021 Global Marketing Trends, 57% of respondents said their organizations significantly altered digital platforms to better meet customer needs in response to the pandemic.

Big data or low carbon?

How can IT executives balance the demands of their businesses while also adhering to their organizations’ sustainability goals? Here are three key strategies to consider.

Regional banking technology and cloud adoption

Regional banks play a vital role in the US financial ecosystem. But these days, they’re playing from behind—at least when it comes to their IT infrastructure. For these banks, modernizing onto cloud-based platforms is an important technology solution that can help level the playing field. How can regional banking institutions evolve their technology to compete with industry heavyweights?

Cloud with an edge takes IoT to new heights

Some enterprises are adding edge computing to their cloud-based internet of things solutions, paving the way for accelerated data analysis and improved decision-making.

Cloud accelerates AI adoption

AI’s initial benefits accrued mostly to technology giants with strong IT infrastructures and deep pockets, but those early adopters have rolled out cloud-based services to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to the masses.

Three cloud ML approaches for enterprise AI strategy

Learn more about the opportunity that cloud machine learning brings to artificial intelligence programs.

@Scale machine learning–distributed training concepts

What happens if the business problem we are trying to solve for requires a large machine learning model or large amount of training data that won’t fit into the memory of a single server? What if the computation needs are impossible for a single processor to support?

Respond, recover, and thrive

Four things you can do today to enable a successful post-COVID recovery and enhancement of enterprise IT.

Gain deeper insights and fuel innovation with cloud AI/ML

Cloud and Machine Learning: They’re better together.

Recent survey shows enterprise interest in blockchain continues—is cloud the answer?

Blockchain planning starts now—and the role of cloud and cloud providers should not be overlooked.

Transforming transformation

Technology is not the answer for cloud ROI.

Transforming the transformation—Digital transformation as core strategy

Can a 24/7 transformation culture improve your organization?

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State of Cloud: Trends & Predictions

What cloud makes possible, Deloitte makes actual

I am proud that Deloitte was recognized in the Leaders quadrant in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services, placed highest on Ability to Execute and Furthest on Completeness of Vision.

Cloud innovation: Becoming an experience innovator

According to Deloitte’s 2021 Global Marketing Trends, 57% of respondents said their organizations significantly altered digital platforms to better meet customer needs in response to the pandemic.

Core revival: A new road map for your core modernization journey

A blog post by Scott Buchholz, managing director and CTO, Government and Public Services, Deloitte Consulting LLP and Amit Chaudhary, principal and Cloud Engineering Offering leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

The societal impact of cloud

The cloud’s effect within the business world may be relatively clear, but its impact on society is just starting to be understood. Leaders have a responsibility to recognize the implications and help ensure they are addressed.

Anaplan CEO Frank Calderoni on the future of cloud

The tech industry veteran reflects on trends in cloud adoption and the challenges and opportunities of taking his company public in a rapidly changing marketplace.

AI…What are we waiting for?

Cloud has allowed for the rapid expansion and adoption of AI technologies. But some are still hesitant to embrace it.

Cloud or mainframe? We asked. Most are taking a third path

It’s human nature to define ourselves by our choices, and the world of technology is no exception. In fact, maybe it’s the rule in technology: Thou must have an opinion on every software, hardware, and strategy choice.

Edging out other emerging technologies, cloud takes the lead

As the underlying enabler for advanced technologies like automation and AI, organizations are eager to put the right cloud foundation into place to expand their capabilities.

Integrating cloud ERP solutions for finance organizations

Can Cloud Managed Services (CMS) increase the already-transformative value the cloud has to offer your organization?

Cloud Managed Services—A logical extension of cloud adoption

Can Cloud Managed Services (CMS) increase the already-transformative value the cloud has to offer your organization?

5 Trends giving cloud a boost

Most companies have already shifted some processes to the cloud to reduce costs and speed up service delivery. Recent developments in several key areas are putting wider adoption and additional rewards within closer reach.

2020 Technology Industry Outlook

As tech companies pursue growth in the coming year, cybersecurity and the ethics of AI will likely be among their top considerations.

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The Cloud journey: Strategy & Approach

Key questions banks should ask before adopting AI/ML

Either due to changing customer needs, fluctuating regulatory and compliance standards, or peer pressure (or to remain relevant amid unprecedented pandemic times), banks have begun to realize the importance of adopting artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Integrating cloud-native architecture with innovation core

A blog by Amod Bavare, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Tejas Desai, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Mac McEldon, senior manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Clearing skies: Demystifying the transition to the cloud for tax

Make sure you really do have your head in the cloud

Own your cloud journey—through a cloud transformation management office

As organizations are increasingly adopting cloud to support business growth and deliver new digital solutions for their employees and customers, a cloud transformation management office (CTMO) can provide the governance and management structure to guide the transformation and journey to the cloud.

Five recommendations to enable next-generation R&D in the cloud

COVID-19 has forced organizations to rethink existing R&D strategies.

Five questions CFOs should ask about their organization’s cloud strategy

The move to the cloud is in full swing—and as compelling as its benefits are, cloud computing raises important issues related to financial reporting and disclosure. CFOs have the opportunity to bring their insights to bear these issues and key considerations of cloud computing.

Why go cloud native?

Cloud-native features provide potential benefits for performance, efficiency, scalability, and cost. But there is a price to pay for these capabilities.

Are you ready for the cloud?

I’m always asked about enterprises’ cloud readiness and where they are in the cycle, in terms of processes, technologies, and talent they have in place to best–leverage public cloud technology. The reality is that there is no definitive answer–you’ll need to do some prep work to find a winning strategy. Here are a few concepts to consider.

The burgeoning business technology organization

Integrating previously centralized application development capabilities into business units can unleash innovation, efficiencies, and competitive advantage.

A new strategy for multicloud: Go deep, one at a time

Some organizations are missing out on the value of cloud by going cloud-agnostic. There may be a better way to avoid getting locked in to a single provider.

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