DevOps agility requires shift in focus to product value streams


DevOps agility requires shift in focus to product value streams


Accelerate what's possible with the cloud by re-architecting product value streams

Despite the rise of agile software development methods and DevOps to organize IT teams, software delivery is often still impacted by the very bottlenecks DevOps was meant to alleviate. As a result, many companies still struggle to get to the cloud faster and innovate. In this episode, Mike Kavis and guest, Tasktop Technologies founder and CEO Mik Kirsten, discuss how companies can accelerate what’s possible with the cloud and build a culture of innovation. Mik’s solution? Focus on flow rather than milestones. Shift from individual projects to delivering products by re-architecting product value streams, removing bottlenecks, and measuring the success of software development and delivery by the business value it provides.


The main shift is…to identify, at the level above agile, above DevOps, product value streams as an organizational construct.


Mik Kirsten is the founder and CEO of Tasktop Technologies. He drives the strategic direction of the company and promotes a culture of customer-centric innovation. Before Tasktop, Mik launched a series of open source projects that changed how software developers collaborate.

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