DevOps and SRE—people are the secret to success


DevOps and SRE—people are the secret to success


DevOps and SRE are critical to software delivery–especially in cloud. A focus on people and collaboration, as well as shifting from a project to a product mentality, are strategies that can increase the chances of a successful implementation.

People–the secret sauce for DevOps and SRE success

DevOps and SRE certainly help bolster digital transformation efforts, but only if they’re implemented well. Unfortunately, many companies just look at the technology component and not at—perhaps—the most critical component, which is the people. In this episode of the podcast, Mike Kavis and guest, Red Hat’s Matt Stratton discuss how fostering collaboration, properly incenting success, and promoting what Matt calls psychological safety are keys to successful implementation of DevOps and SRE. Matt also argues that having a “product” mindset and building resilient systems will produce better results than trying to anticipate every crisis that could happen.

Disclaimer: As referenced in this podcast, “Amazon” refers to AWS (Amazon Web Services) and “Google” refers to GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

People need to feel safe in bringing up concerns, bringing up things that occur to them, and it just helps the organization and the team be better.Matt Stratton is a transformation specialist at Red Hat and a long-time member of the global DevOps community. Back in the day, his license plate actually said “DevOps”.

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