Outcome matters: DevOps success strategies


Outcome matters: DevOps success strategies


DevOps is a critical component of cloud deployment. However, success is often elusive. Smart companies look at DevOps holistically and with an eye toward the future. They assess their strengths, embrace change, and focus on defining specific outcomes.

DevOps success equals challenging ideas, embracing change, and defining clear outcomes

DevOps can be challenging, and the results sometimes don’t live up to the high expectations. Why? Because companies often focus on the technology and not the outcome. Further, tools like value-stream mapping only go so far in helping achieve your goals if you don’t understand where you’re starting from. For true DevOps success, it’s essential to go beyond the tools and take a critical look in the mirror, challenge your ideas, and enthusiastically embrace change. In this week's episode, Deloitte's Michelle Shuttleworth shares her insights on ways companies can do DevOps better by looking at their organization holistically, changing their culture, and defining clear outcomes.

[DevOps] really is a complete mindset shift, and I think the number one mindset shift is it sets focus on what the outcomes are, and let's make sure that we are structuring our work in such a way that we can get to those outcomes. And equally important – are you stopping? Are you observing? Are you learning? And then are you doing something different with that knowledge you've gained?

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