Want better DevOps? It comes down to people and leadership


Want better DevOps? It comes down to people and leadership


DevOps is a boon to software development and delivery, but companies sometimes struggle to get DevOps right. Most often, it's a people, rather than a tooling issue. Successful DevOps takes the right people and leadership, and a view from a product, rather than a project, lens.

DevOps isn't about tools; it's about teamwork and leadership

For years, IT organizations have struggled with siloed development and operations, long lead and cycle times, and poor operational quality. DevOps was born as an attempt to address those pain points, but companies often have problems shifting to DevOps. For many, it’s often because they view DevOps as primarily a “tooling” solution rather than a “people” solution, and they’re reluctant to blur traditional organizational boundaries to build new team structures. In this episode of the podcast, Mike Kavis and guest Scott Prugh, discuss how to implement DevOps effectively. Scott’s solution is simple in theory, but often difficult in practice: Get the right people, get good leadership, view the process as a product—not a project, and integrate governance fully into the DevOps process.

DevOps is really looking at...how we create high-performance organizations that can deliver and operate software much more effectively.

Scott Prugh, Chief Architect & VP Software Development. He supports the North America Development teams that deliver CSG’s hosted Billing & Customer Care Platform and has broad experience across development and operations functions from startups to large enterprises.

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