DevOps value stream issues? Check for time thieves and invisible work


DevOps value stream issues? Check for time thieves and invisible work


Struggling with delivering apps on time and in budget? Many companies do. Often, the reason is invisible work that robs time from the development process. To fix it requires identifying, and remediating, pain points caused by invisible work, i.e., catching the "thieves" that steal your time.

Catch the invisible time thieves that slow down your value stream

Despite advances in tooling and the promise of DevOps, companies often struggle to design and deliver applications on schedule and on budget. One reason is that there are often unplanned, or invisible, activities and bottlenecks that steal development time and slow down their value stream. In this episode of the podcast, Mike Kavis and guest, Tasktop’s Dominica DeGrandis, discuss what Dominica calls the Five Thieves of Time that can create bottlenecks, slow down an organization’s value stream, and cripple the development process. Dominica lays out her solution to remove bottlenecks and catch the thieves—to help speed up the value stream and deliver better applications to the business.

If we're going to get the work of our life done, we have to ferociously protect our time.

Dominica DeGrandis is the principal Flow Advisor at Tasktop, where she helps customers improve the flow of work across value streams. She is the author of “Making Work Visible: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow.”

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