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Maximising the business value of your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution

Data can be both an asset and a liability. As organisations grow, the volume and complexity of data required to support the business increases. Organisations store sensitive data that their customers, business partners, shareholders and the Board expect them to protect against theft, loss and misuse.

Executive summary

The intrinsic and contextual value of data and associated
ownership risks vary throughout the data life cycle.
The business value of information assets—gains on
process and function performance, revenue and margin
contribution—is a function of:

  • Inherent value
  • Contextual value
  • Enterprise context
  • Associated risk
  • Cost of ownership

Data can be managed like any other enterprise asset, subject to the same net business value calculations balancing value, risk and total cost of ownership.

When managed data and information has a negative net business value, the enterprise has several options, including:

  • Increasing the value
  • Reducing risk
  • Discarding the data

Despite data management, high profile security breaches involving personal and corporate data continue.

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