The evolution of the cloud architect’s role


The evolution of the cloud architect’s role

Cloud Architecture

Cloud has created a brave new world for systems architects. They're expected to be proficient in both the needs of the business and in the technology they're using. Those who are, and who can communicate effectively will find that it's a great time to be an architect!

Cloud has put the systems architect at the center of success

Before cloud, system architects lived by rigid system requirements—receive them, build to spec, and move on. That was their world. However, with the ascendance of cloud, that world has changed. Architects are now expected to be just as smart and agile as the applications they build. In this episode, David Linthicum and guest, Deloitte’s Vishveshwara Vasa, discuss the ever-changing, ever-expanding role of the system architect in the world built by cloud. According to Vishveshwara, architects have to be just as well-versed in the business as they are in cloud technology. And, to stay relevant, they have to hone their communication skills and continuously expand their knowledge base—both from a business and technical perspective.

It's very important that, as an architect, you understand both the functional side and the non-functional side requirements and then architect according to the needs of the business and the business case.

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