What to expect in 2020 around Cloud? AI, edge, and improving security


What to expect in 2020 around Cloud? AI, edge, and improving security

State of Cloud: Trends & Predictions

2020 promises to be a breakout year for cloud. But to take advantage of the cloud's potential, companies will need to focus on leveraging AI advances and edge computing, as well as investing in enhanced security to build and keep user trust.

Cloud 2020 hot topics: AI, the edge, and improving security

2020 promises to be an eventful year in the world of cloud computing. In this episode, David Linthicum and guest, Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst and founding partner at Futurum Research, reflect on cloud 2019, and Daniel gives his predictions for 2020. According to Daniel, 2019 was the year that we realized that the future is hybrid cloud, and in 2020, companies will face an overwhelming number of cloud deployment options they will need to carefully consider. AI and edge computing will play a larger role than ever, and security will be paramount. Daniel also notes that companies will need to hone their focus on building better cloud architectures and upgrading their security investments, but that they also need to realize that the real differentiator in cloud success will be their people.

[T]he future is hybrid...it is going to be a hybrid world where the hyperscalers will provide hybrid solutions that are going to be consumed in a public cloud or IaaS-like fashion.

Daniel Newman is the principal analyst and founding partner of Futurum Research and the CEO of Broadsuite Media Group. He works with the world’s largest technology brands exploring digital transformation and how it influences the enterprise.

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