The future of cloud: Tough challenges but great possibilities


The future of cloud: Tough challenges but great possibilities

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It's not too much to say cloud has changed the way the world works. However, challenges such as data issues, economic concerns, and cloud complexity still remain–and are imperative for companies to solve. Those that do will be well poised to define the future of cloud.

The future of cloud: Tough challenges but great possibilities

Over the next decade, the cloud will continue to transform the world in which we work and live. However, for many companies, that transformation won’t be easy. There are hurdles that both cloud providers and businesses must overcome to realize all of what’s possible with the cloud. In this episode of the podcast, David Linthicum and guest, Delphi Group’s Thomas Koulopoulos, discuss the cloud’s future—both short and long-term. Tom’s opinion is that leveraging data effectively, inefficient cloud economic and business models, and multi-cloud complexity are some of the most pressing problems that companies will need to solve over the next five years. Tom’s take? Channel partners will be key, and most companies will eventually get it right, but it will be a tough go to get there.

Technology's going to have such an enormous impact on fundamental cornerstone social institutions…but at the end of the day, it'll create a much more efficient mechanism by which to deploy these cornerstones.

Thomas Koulopoulos is President and founder of Delphi Group, a 30-year old Boston-based think tank and advisory firm. Thomas consults with clients from all industries, as well as federal and state government agencies around the world, about the future of technology.

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