Global Cyber Executive Briefing


Global Cyber Executive Briefing

Lessons from the front line

In a world increasingly driven by digital technologies and information, cyber-threat management is more than just a strategic imperative. It's a fundamental part of doing business. Yet for many senior executives and board members, the concept of cybersecurity remains vague and complex.

Executive Summary

Yet for many senior executives and board members, the concept of cybersecurity remains vague and complex. Although it might be on your strategic agenda, what does it really mean? And what can your organisation do to shore up its defences and protect itself from cyber-threats?

No industry or organisation is immune

A common myth is that cyber-attacks only happen to certain types of organisations, such as high-profile technology businesses. However, the cold, hard truth is that every organisation has valuable data to lose. In fact, the attacks that happen most frequently are completely indiscriminate - using scripted, automated tools that identify and exploit whatever weaknesses they happen to find. Cyber-attacks can be extremely harmful. Tangible costs range from stolen funds and damaged systems to regulatory fines, legal damages, and financial compensation for injured parties. However, what might hurt even more are the intangible costs - such as loss of competitive advantage due to stolen intellectual property, loss of customer or business partner trust, loss of integrity due to compromised digital assets, and overall damage to an organisation's reputation and brand - all of which can send an organisation's share price plummeting, and in extreme cases can even drive a company out of business.

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