Global Risk Management Survey


Global Risk Management Survey

We are pleased to share with you a selection of key insights explored in Deloitte’s Global Risk Management Survey, 10th edition. In this feature, we focus on the evolution of risk management, the role of the CRO, and board risk committees for discussion.

Executive Summary

The years since the global financial crisis have seen a wave of regulatory change that increased both the scope and the stringency of regulatory requirements, and financial institutions have now had more time to understand the practical implications of these new regulations and what is required to comply.

Today, risk management is becoming increasingly important; financial institutions confront a variety of trends that have introduced greater uncertainty than before as regards the future direction of the business and regulatory environment. Economic conditions in many countries continue to be weak, with historically low interest rates.

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Inside Magazine Risk Global edition, February 2018

Inside is Deloitte’s quarterly magazine offering an exclusive insight into best practices, trends and opportunities faced by our clients across all industries.

Inside focuses on the main hot topics relevant for the market (Asset management, Banking, Insurance, Public sector, Healthcare, Private equity, Real estate, TMT, Manufacturing and consumer business, Transport and logistics).

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