How will the cloud impact your business?


How will the cloud impact your business?

State of Cloud: Trends & Predictions

Businesses have tremendous opportunities to create new offerings and to become more agile and customer centric by taking advantage of cloud’s transformative power.

Become Cloud native to transform your business

Tune in as host David Linthicum speaks with guest Bernard Golden about the evolution of cloud computing over the past 10 years. Understand the impact that the latest cloud technologies and capabilities can have on an organization and the need to rethink business models, product offerings and processes in order to keep up with the changing market dynamics and customer standards.

To really take advantage of Cloud Computing, you need to move toward architectures, operations and processes that are more tuned to the way that Cloud operates—to become Cloud native.

Bernard Golden is the head of cloud strategy for CapitalOne. He has worked in cloud computing for over a decade, and named him one of the ten most influential people in cloud computing. He served as Cloud Computing Advisor for CIO Magazine for five years, is an avid blogger, and is author/co-author of five books, including Amazon Web Services for Dummies, a best-selling cloud computing book.

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