The incredible journey: Mainframe to cloud made easier


The incredible journey: Mainframe to cloud made easier

Cloud migration & operation

Despite rapidly growing cloud adoption, mainframes remain at the core of IT for many large companies. Migration from mainframe to the cloud can be challenging, but the right strategy and tools can ease the transition and bring tremendous benefit.

Making the journey from mainframe to cloud easier

Cloud computing is such a hot topic that it can be hard to believe that many of the world’s largest companies, across all industries, still have mainframes as the backbone of their mission-critical systems. And even though most companies have realized that a move to the cloud will be necessary, they often have trouble imagining the seismic shift from mainframe to cloud and developing a roadmap for cloud migration. In this podcast, David Linthicum and his guest, Deloitte’s Madhu Thejomurthy, discuss how the right strategy, coupled with the right tools, can make the journey from mainframe legacy to cloud future easier and help enable companies to realize the transformative power of the cloud.


Even today you deposit a check, it's still processed on those [mainframe] systems, and according to some studies, there are still 200 billion lines of COBOL still active sitting out there which are running on mainframes.


Madhu Thejomurthy is a Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting.

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