NewOps–the new way of DevOps


NewOps–the new way of DevOps


NewOps builds on the DevOps model to enable more effective management of the evolving cloud-based systems.

NewOps: DevOps Optimized

Join host Mike Kavis and guest Andi Mann to learn more about NewOps and how it optimizes on the existing DevOps model.  Understand how observability, metrics, and visualization techniques can help identity patterns and detect anomalies that development and operations teams can use to solve problems quickly.

The more you can free people up from racking and stacking and patching, to start doing more proactive monitoring and helping with things like chaos engineering and resiliency engineering, you’re adding higher value.

Andi Mann, Chief Technology Advocate at Splunk, is an accomplished digital business executive with extensive global expertise as a strategist, technologist, innovator, marketer, and communicator. For more than 30 years across five continents, Andi has built success with startups, enterprises, vendors, governments, and as a leading research analyst.

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