Reaping the benefits of the GDPR


Reaping the benefits of the GDPR

Accelerating growth thanks to a new data regulation

Being GDPR compliant is one side of the story - Deloitte is equally focused on the opportunities that GDPR brings. We are here to help your organizations explore the business potential of your data sets, and be your partner in new ventures.

GDPR: the big day

May 25th 2018, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) promises data protection rules that will remove red tape for businesses but also tighten privacy protections for online users.

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Tried, tested and new

A snapshot of organisations today would show varying degrees of GDPR-readiness. Some are very well prepared, but there is room for surprises, as we do not know how exactly GDPR will be enforced in practice. Some organisations still have some ground to cover. And there are some still at the very start of their journey. Deloitte will continue to provide them all with our tried and tested GDPR services.

But we are now entering a new reality for organisations, with new needs. And Deloitte is ready to respond. One new factor is regulatory enforcement: organisations must deal with questions from supervisory authorities on their handling of personal data, and may even see inspectors visit their premises. Deloitte now has a rapid-response team on hand to help them.

Reaping the benefits

But the compliance side of things is just part of the story. Deloitte is equally focused on the opportunities that GDPR brings. The real emphasis of our new services, therefore, is on helping organisations reap the benefits of their data.

The new regulations have forced organisations to create order in the information they have. And order provides insight. Insight into value that was hidden there. Deloitte is here to help organisations explore the business potential of their data sets, and be their partner in new ventures. Could privacy excellence even become an organisation’s Unique Selling Point?


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