2020 Regulatory Compliance Agenda - Top priorities


2020 Regulatory Agenda - Top priorities

A snapshot of the regulatory agenda at your fingertips for the EU & Luxembourg

Just as the financial sectors speed up and become more and more digital every year, in 2020 we decided to revamp the format of the Deloitte Regulatory Agenda. To help visualize Deloitte’s selection of top regulatory priorities for 2020, we are pleased to offer you the seventh edition of our regulatory agenda poster.

As in previous years, the financial sector is inundated with regulations that will take centre stage in 2020. Some new, some old but all will continue to challenge the banking, investment management and insurance sectors.

Herein, you can see which regulations will have an impact on your organization, their significance, the outcomes, and respective timelines.

2020 Regulatory Agenda

Your monthly regulatory update

This year, the Deloitte Regulatory Agenda becomes interactive to bring you monthly updates.

Check them out below. 

February 2020

Take a closer look at how the EU Commission is working to tackle the double challenge of climate change and digital transformation. This update examines the initiatives and commitments planned for this new Commission’s first 100 days.


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Vincent Gouverneur
Partner | EMEA Investment Management Leader 
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Partner | Insurance Leader
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Partner | Governance, Risk & Compliance Leader
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Lou Kiesch
Partner | Regulatory Consulting
Tel: +352 45145 2456

Benjamin Collette
Partner | Strategy, Regulatory & Corporate Finance Leader
Tel: +352 45145 2809


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