2022 Regulatory Agenda - Top priorities


2022 Regulatory Agenda - Top priorities

A snapshot of the regulatory agenda at your fingertips for the EU & Luxembourg

The 2022 version of the Deloitte regulatory poster provides an essential snapshot of the latest regulatory trends and associated challenges for market participants, ranging from the new rules on investment management, investment advisory, banking and insurance to the upcoming legislative milestones for sustainable finance and retail investments.

For more details about each regulation please consult the interactive user-friendly Regulatory agenda. The sections in the left-hand bar and header are clickable for ease of navigation.

This interactive document is a crisp update of the changes slated for 2022, a year that is set to deliver several key commitments of the 2020 capital markets union (CMU) action plan. This comprehensive package aims to better connect EU companies with investors, improve access to funding, broaden investment opportunities for retail investors, and better integrate capital markets.

The European Commission will also tackle other elements of the 2020 CMU action plan in 2022, notably digital, data and anti-money laundering (AML) to meet the application goal of 2023 onwards.

The review of Solvency II and the banking package are also proposals tabled for discussion in 2022 with EU legislators.

Anticipating and tackling these regulatory changes in a timely manner is essential not only for business reasons but also to avoid fines. Based on different sources, fines for regulatory breaches regularly tops EUR10 billion a year (ex anti-trust), reaching EUR6,1 million in Luxembourg alone (CSSF Report).

To help financial market participants prepare for this upcoming year of regulatory change, the Deloitte regulatory poster offers a clear timeline of the announced legislations and a dedicated section summarizing their key points and challenges. This will help market players not only identify their priorities, but also common trends to leverage potential synergies across different areas.

Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook 2022

Deloitte’s EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy explored how major regulatory trends will affect the financial services industry across EMEA in the year ahead, and how leaders can anticipate and respond to them effectively.

The 2022 edition explores ten topical regulatory themes including the transition to a sustainable economy, climate-related risk management, the risks arising from business model and digital innovation, operational resilience and much more. Find out more here.

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