Risk intelligent enterprise management


Risk intelligent enterprise management

Running the risk intelligent enterprise

This publication is the second instalment in Deloitte’s series on the fundamental principles of risk intelligence.

The papers in the series are intended to offer plain-English descriptions of the foundational elements of a risk intelligence program, as well as insights and practical steps for incorporating the concepts within your own organisation.

In this whitepaper, you will find a discussion of concepts necessary for making risk intelligence an integral part of managing the enterprise’s strategy and operations. We believe application of these concepts will help create what we consider the epitome of enlightened risk management: The Risk Intelligent Enterprise™.

Keep in mind that the application of these concepts will differ based on your industry practices, regulatory environment, and organisational maturity. For example, in the financial services and energy industries, many of these concepts have been discussed for over a decade and thus may seem elementary; but for many other industries, we see these concepts just starting to be embraced. Regardless of what industry you are in, the concepts in this paper still apply.

Open communication is a key characteristic of a risk intelligent enterprise. Consider sharing this whitepaper with other executives, board members, and key managers in your organisation.

The issues and concepts outlined in this document should provide an excellent starting point for a crucial dialogue on enhancing your organisation’s risk intelligence.  

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