What is the role of edge and cloud computing as technology consumption increases?


What is the role of edge and cloud computing as technology consumption increases?

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Edge computing isn't binary with the cloud. As enterprise technology consumption increases, and costs decrease, many organizations will move more apps to the cloud, but they'll also use more edge devices. And, the human factor will be more important than ever.

Cloud or edge? Yes. As enterprise tech use rockets, it takes both

Tune in to host Mike Kavis and guest Mark Thiele as they discuss the role of edge computing and how it can be leveraged in conjunction with the Cloud. Learn how enterprise technology consumption is poised to increase by 2022 and the importance of the human equation when considering new technologies in relation to the cloud.

I think everyone agrees that Edge Computing is going to be big, but I think it’s a fallacy to make any kind of assertion that Public Cloud is dead. Its economies of scale, its ability to do massive crunching without having to worry about latency, and its ability to provide better protections are all things that are likely to be important for a significant number of workloads for the foreseeable future.

Mark Thiele’s successful career in IT spans 25 years and has focused on both operating roles and on driving cloud adoption across enterprises of all sizes. Mark has deep industry experience and extensive knowledge of the requirements of policy-driven cloud computing and drives cross-functional strategic initiatives as Chief Strategy Officer for Apcera.

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