Small and Medium Enterprises in a globalised, post-crisis world


Small and Medium Enterprises in a globalised, post-crisis world

Reacting to new treasury risks and challenges with cash pooling solutions

Different cash pooling solutions and tools have been available to companies for some time now. However, as companies act in a changing, increasingly lobalised environment, the strategic importance of cash pooling becomes ever more important in facing daily challenges.

Executive Summary

While mature Multinational Corporations (MNCs) mostly already have professional cash management solutions, many Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are less well equipped.

Facing market, financing and operational risks through entering international markets, SMEs require more professionalised cash management solutions, such as cash pooling. These can assist them in limiting their exposure to market, financing and operational risks. However not all cash pooling tools are equivalent and in order to limit exposure to risk optimally, SMEs will need to choose cash pooling solutions carefully. Banks will need to offer solutions that can be adapted to the needs and particularities of SMEs, which are flexible and integrated.

The question that arises is:
‘Are today’s financial institutions sufficiently equipped to provide these solutions to SMEs?’

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