The state of cloud: A 2019 recap and 2020 predictions


The state of cloud: A 2019 recap and 2020 predictions

State of Cloud: Trends & Predictions

The cloud space is ever-changing, and 2019 was no exception. Top trends included AI, Kubernetes, and cloud-complexity. 2020 promises more complexity, exploding AI/ML use, and business taking the lead on driving cloud expansion.

The state of cloud: a 2019 recap and 2020 predictions!

Cloud has always been a rapidly-changing space that defies expectations. 2019 was no exception, and 2020 promises to bring even more changes and complexity. In this episode of the podcast, David Linthicum and Mike Kavis tag team to review a hectic 2019 and put events into perspective. According to Dave and Mike, 2019 was the year of AI, Kubernetes and cloud complexity. Their prediction for 2020? Next year will see the continued maturity of AI and ML, as well as more, and different, complexity issues caused by increased adoption of multi and hybrid cloud strategies. Dave and Mike also give their advice on how organizations can prepare, especially from an operational and people standpoint, to meet the challenges ahead in the new year.

Most enterprises and certainly in the marketplaces don't have a good handle on how to leverage data that's within their firewall or within their cloud. And the ability to look toward that strategically is going to be a fundamental, critical path to success.

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