In-production testing: The future of software testing


In-production testing: The future of software testing

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The concept of testing in-production systems has traditionally been a non-starter. However, companies are beginning to realize that testing live systems produces better results and helps build better systems in the long run.

Want better software testing? Do it in production

Traditionally, the software testing has been firmly planted in the staging process, so as not to disrupt in-production systems and functionality. However, by testing in staging only, developers may miss issues that only occur with live systems. In this episode, Mike Kavis and’s Talia Nassi discuss how savvy software companies are breaking tradition and moving their testing process from staging to production. According to Talia, in-production testing is the future because it’s where users experience the application, so it’s more effective if done safely. Mike and Talia also discuss what's required for safe in-production testing, and they debunk some production-testing myths and discuss how the emerging discipline of chaos engineering is related to production testing.

Something that I get asked a lot is, "Oh, but you can't performance test in production." Yes, you can, because the only way to know that you can withstand that much to test it in production.

Talia Nassi is a developer advocate at, where she works closely with engineering teams globally to ship software more efficiently. She is also an international keynote speaker who delivers content on all things testing and quality.

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