Thinking the unthinkable Facing the new leadership challenge


Thinking the unthinkable

Facing the new leadership challenge

Executive Summary

Events such as Donald J. Trump’s election to President of the United States, Britain leaving the European Union, the scale of the EU migrant crisis, Saudi Arabia forcing down oil prices by 60 percent, Russia’s seizure of Crimea, Islamic State’s capture of Mosul, and the threat of Ebola: these are some of the new “unthinkables” that corporate and government leaders failed to contemplate in recent months, despite evidence of their growing likelihood and impacts. Currently, the leader of France’s far-right National Front party, Marine Le Pen, is running to be France’s next president. Although pollsters are predicting a loss for Le Pen, do events such as Brexit and Trump’s recent win signal a rise of populism and protectionism? If so, what was the reason for this, and what changes in the reality of the risk landscape does this signal? Furthermore, does reliance on conventional forecasting blind us to the prospect for disruptive change?

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