Strategies and tools for successful cloud migration


Strategies and tools for successful cloud migration

The Cloud journey: Strategy & Approach

Most organizations now realize that migrating to the cloud is a crucial decision but significant technical and cost barriers often make for a difficult move. However, with the right strategies and tools, those barriers can be overcome to enable migration success.

The right strategy can help mitigate issues and boost cloud migration success

Changing business models, reliability concerns, the need for more analytics power and agility, and the desire to simplify IT management and cost structures are driving more and more companies to move the bulk of their applications portfolios to the cloud. However, significant barriers to migration still exist. Many organizations have legacy applications that simply won’t run in a cloud environment, or they have applications that will function, but that must be optimized to run effectively and provide expected value. The right strategies, coupled with the right tools and effective leadership, can ease the process of cloud migration and pave a path to success. In this podcast, Mike Kavis and his guests, Google’s Uzi Hefetz and Naomi Klamen, and Deloitte’s Amod Bavare, discuss common issues companies face in migrating applications to the cloud and strategies tools they can use to mitigate those issues and achieve migration success.

Disclaimer: As referenced in this podcast, “Google” refers to GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

Getting the knowledge on what needs to be done and understanding which applications can be moved, which ones cannot and what needs to be remediated – these are the main blockers that we find.

Naomi Klamen is a highly successful cloud platform specialist with more than 25 years record of aligning key business initiatives with cutting edge technology solutions. Lead Architect on multiple transformational opportunities helping sales teams consistently over achieve revenue targets by growing footprint and a strong pipeline in the large accounts. She is a trusted partner to sales leaders as well as CIOs/CTOs at strategic customers. Naomi has directly worked with customers throughout the sales cycle focusing on cloud, data center transformation projects, lift and shift to the cloud, Integration and middleware technologies. Strong technical, communication, organizational, management and leadership skills. Her experience includes but is not limited to: PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, cloud / hybrid integration, java, business process management, caching and mobile.

Uzi Hefetz is a professional cloud leader with more than 20 years of experience in complex enterprise systems and more than10 years of cloud experience helping enterprises migrate their on premise systems to cloud solutions and enabling digital natives run and optimize their platforms using cloud offerings. Uzi lead global, award winning cloud customers and partners transform their cloud strategy and enabling a multi cloud and hybrid solutions. Uzi is a trusted advisor to his customers and partners, he successfully helped customers transform their operations and migrate their workloads to cloud, working with C-level decision makers and assist building their cloud narrative internally and externally.

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